NBC Feature on Leadership

Published 08-05-2023

Danish National Center for Ethics feature two of our most valued qualities in an NBC feature about leadership. Compassion and curiosity.

We sincerely hope that the strong, important messages from the impressive women featured will inspire leadership across genders.

Helle Harder – Head of Science & Ethics Division, Danish National Center for Ethics was asked to contextualize her vision for leadership with her personal career and the current challenges within research and ethics.

“As we enter a new era of medical research, characterized by the transformative impact of generative AI, it is more crucial than ever that we approach innovation with an ethical mindset. We must be willing to take risks and future-proof our ethical infrastructure, enabling it to fulfill its purpose in a rapidly changing world.”

The insights and the waypoints have been formed over years and years of human interaction.

“Having worked across all angles of the clinical research ecosystem, including hospitals, industry, government agencies, and now the ethical system, it is my passion to see stakeholders collaborating to ensure that our scarce health care resources are utilized for research that truly matters for patients.”

Relevance is a privilege offered to the curious. We are learning how that statement also holds true for authorities and public offices.

“The ethical challenges of game-changing technologies in medical research, like ChatGPT, demands moving beyond ethics being a national matter. A transnational medical research ethics framework is required to ensure ethical guidance for the benefit of the patients.”

The work environment defines the capacity of the Danish National Center for Ethics.

“To achieve our ambitions, I encourage a culture of openness to new ways and daring to fail and learn. Compassion and curiosity towards each other's perspectives are crucial in this process.”

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