About National Centre for Ethics

In recent years, technological advancements have accelerated rapidly, increasingly demanding ethical considerations that span across research, data, health, and biotechnology. Simultaneously, the technological, physical, and biological worlds are becoming more and more intertwined, and the path from innovation in the laboratory to application in the healthcare system and dissemination throughout society is getting shorter.

This presents new opportunities, but it is also crucial that ethics form a foundational element before these advancements impact our lives and daily routines.

The ethical issues we face now and in the future require scientific evidence, practical experience with relevant technologies, legal expertise, and philosophical reflection. To address this development, Denmark has established the Danish National Center for Ethics as the first country in the world to provide a common foundation for ethics.

By bringing together the necessary skills and expertise under one roof, a stronger platform has been created to place ethical considerations on the agenda not only in Denmark but also internationally.

The Danish National Center for Ethics was established on January 1, 2022, and supports the work of four independent bodies: The Danish Council on Ethics, the Danish Data Ethics Council, the Danish National Committee on Health Research Ethics, and the Danish Medical Research Ethics Committees.

Our task is to focus on and safeguard the ethical principles and values that shape our society. Among other things, we advise authorities when drafting new legislative proposals. We create debate and contribute to public education on ethical and science ethics issues within the center's area of responsibility. We help ensure the rights of test subjects and the scientific integrity of research projects. We stay ahead and address tomorrow's ethical dilemmas, make recommendations to promote essential ethical values and principles, and develop reports, statements, and articles to ensure that democratically agreed decisions are based on relevant ethical standards and considerations.

The goal is to promote ethics and give ethics a powerful voice so that we, and future generations, can look back with confidence on the framework we collectively established for innovation in the years to come.


Are you for or against?

At the National Center for Ethics, we want to give ethics even more space in public decision-making. We want a society in balance, where ethical nuances are given even more room and where they are allowed to be the focal point of the debate.

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